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Why is Spain the best option?

Spain continues to offer immeasurable lifestyle benefits in comparison to many neighboring EU nations: The property market is currently looking extremely buoyant, with May seeing the first rise in national average house prices since 2008. According to leading appraisal company , Spain’s property price index rose by 0.8%. Prices are at last stabilising and indeed tentatively beginning to rise across Spain.Under the previous Law, property investments were legally required to be made on an individual basis. Investors will now be able to purchase their properties in Spain either directly or indirectly through a registered company, so long as they continue to hold the majority of shares and the company’s address is not located in a tax haven. Married couples who wish to acquire a property together are no longer required to comply with the €500,000 minimum investment individually. Before the changes, the minimum investment requirement applied on an individual basis, creating a disadvantage for co-owning couples. The changes benefit unmarried couples immensely.

The Residency permit now also includes right to work in Spain.

Another addition to the scheme will ensure that unmarried, co-habiting couples will now also benefit from the Law when they register under the Spanish “domestic partnership” Civil Registry, a rule which also applies to same sex couples. Spain has excellent communications links (including several international airports, the fast-speed ‘AVE’ trains as well as extremely well maintained road and rail links) – enabling efficient travel throughout the Schengen zone, and many far flung destinations.
Spain is renowned for some of the best international schools in all of Europe. A recently published “prosperity index” rated Spain highly on an international scale due to its high standard of education (in fact, higher than any other nation currently offering a golden visa residency scheme). Spain quite simple offers huge lifestyle benefits – the WHO listen Spain second in the world for longevity after Japan. A recent study by Euro-stat has revealed that Spanish people live the longest in Europe, with life expectancy at birth an extremely positive 83.2.
The Spanish health service is excellent. It is widely recognized that residents of Spain have access to world class medical care the general infrastructure is considered to be well managed with a fair system of accountable government spending. Spain is world famous for its incredible gastronomy – home to the most highly rated restaurants in the world including El Celler de Can Roca, and the former El Bulli, Spain has a great deal to answer for on the international culinary stage. The exceedingly high life expectancy in Spain has also been attributed to the Mediterranean diet, which the Spanish do particularly well.
The economy is on the up, and has been declared one of best currently improving economies in the Euro zone. According to the IMF, Spain’s GDP is currently predicted to grow 2.5% next year.


We have joined forces with local companies with the highest standards with extensive experience in assisting in visa applications to assure that the visa process is swift & straightforward as it can be. Allowing you and the family to continue your new lives in Spain.
Contact us for further information on how you and your family can take advantage of this fantastic opportunity from the contact form below & view our current opportunity qualifying you & your family for the Spain Golden Visa here!


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