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After a tough few years, the property market and in particular the mortgage availability in USA & Spain is looking better than ever. Even more good news is that mortgages rates are also continuing to drop. Property prices are more realistic, choice is extensive and contracts are much more transparent. All this, combined with the excellent value of the pound against the dollar & euro and it is quickly becoming the perfect time for buying property in the USA & Spain.
But don’t wait until you have found a property to start looking for a mortgage. If you are serious about purchasing property in the USA & Spain then it is worth thinking about your mortgage as early as possible.
Although there is much more availability when it comes to USA & Spanish mortgages than there was a few years ago, the process is still a long one and the lending criteria has been tightened somewhat.
The great news for our investors, is that the banks are now lending again! Platinum Worldwide Property Investments has worked tirelessly with our banking partners to develop lending programs that not only address, but focus on the needs of investors looking to buy both holiday and investment homes in the US & SPAIN, but are based abroad.
Platinum Worldwide Property Investments is pleased to announce we have now signed exclusive agreements with several of the largest, and most financially stable lenders in both the US & SPAIN. We have mortgage options available to suit nearly all of our client’s requirements, regardless of their employment status, credit history, or property investment experience. This has proved to not only be positive for our clients, but has been a major factor for the steady increase in property prices over the last 18 months.


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